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I lost 100 pounds 20 years ago and have kept them off. Amazing, right? Now I’ve put my story into a book. You’ll find plenty of tools and tips, too, for coming to peace with your food and your body. Signed trade paperback. $20 includes tax and shipping. Allow about ten days for delivery.



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  1. Love this site. Love your description of going from an non believer to a believer. I have spent all of my adult life struggling with food addiction. I have tried all the different ways there are out there to lose weight. OA -lost 100 lbs but gained it back because I was so young I thought it was a diet club…Phen Fen – lost 100 lbs only to gain it back when the medicine was found hazardous. I have gone to OA meetings over the years but have never really committed again..Like they say..there’s nothing worse that a head full of OA and a gut full of food…It makes eating noting but a guilt trip. I would hope you would go ahead and get your book The Hungry Ghost published. There are people like me out there who need to hear what you have to say. It’s amazing, this morning a teacher I work with at my school shared with me she had the lap-band surgery last year and she was able to lose 75 pounds. I looked on line and found that Medicare (I am 65) would pay for part of it but I can’t bring myself to do it. So it’s back to OA. I looked on your site and read what you said again about your move from being a non believer to a believer and I decided I was reading that for a reason. God had sent me to that site to hear that God hears us and knows what we need, just at the right time…especially……. when you are shopping for shower curtains.

  2. Gay…..I am so very glad you finally put it all together and got your book finished. I purchased it tonight and hope to get it in a few days. I envy you for writing the book and getting it published. I have sooooo many stories in my head and as a educator want to get busy and write a book also. I just feel stuck, not knowing where or how to start…As far as the help you received from Kay Sheppard’s program, she has a place on Facebook now and I am on there daily, but I keep feeling I can’t make the commitment to adhering to calling someone daily and posting my food. I feel less entrapped if I use the 301 plan…Anyway this was not about me, it was about you. Thanks for the book…Blessings, Patty

    • Patty! Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments and your support. So glad that you are seeing your way to what YOU need to do. (Just to be clear: While I received a great deal of help from Kay’s books when I was exploring what food disciplines would work for me, I never worked her program per se. :-)) Daily connections with others, even if we don’t feel willing or able to commit food, is very important. I am about to email my food for the day, because that helps me to feel safer with food.

      As for the writing…though I’ve written for decades for magazines, this was my first time out with something so personal, and so me. And yes, it was hard work, and continues to be hard work. I encourage you to spend even just 10 minutes a few times a week putting a few words of those stories out there on paper or in a computer file. Butt in seat is my motto!

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