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Whether you’re a professional writer stuck achieving your goals or an aspiring one looking to get started, I can help. In person, on line and/or by phone, we’ll talk and edit you through to the next level. Just to get your started, a few tips and thoughts:

• If you’re a writer, write. I’ve had so many people say to me, “I’ve always wanted to write.” Then I ask, “What’s your writing practice?” Answer: “Well, my mom always says I have a book in me.” Right. Daydreams have their place, but you won’t get where you’re going unless you also sit down at the computer or with a notebook and go for it. Remember, if you write a page a day for a year, at the end you’ll have 365 pages. That’s a book.

• Find your rhythm. If you don’t know what time of day is your most creative and productive, observe yourself. Mine is in the morning for drafting new stories, though sometimes the afternoon, when I’m tired and punchy, can work better for display type because I’m less guarded. Once you know your time, honor it. I know of one woman who gets up at four every morning to write.

• Don’t edit too soon. Anne Lamott tells us in Bird by Bird to allow ourselves a really shitty first draft. Amen. Writing is one process. Editing is another. Don’t conflate them.

• Don’t talk about your writing too much; that dispells the energy into the air and people’s ears and not onto the page. Similarly, reading about writing is not the same as doing it. There are a few books I recommend: The aforementioned Bird by Bird; Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones; and Julia Cameron’s The Writer’s Way. That’s it.

• But do have a support system. A gentle friend to report to, as in, “I plan to get the blog out today no matter what,” is helpful. If she’s also a writer, so much the better.


Gather four to eight of your friends and we can set up monthly meetings, either around creativity/productivity goals, or around specific life issues such as eating disorders, personal loss, past abuse, etc. Please note: A writing group is not therapy. Each member must have been in therapy for at least a year to participate.


Invite me to your club, house of worship or other meeting for a tailored-for-you talk or workshop. Series or one-time events can be arranged.

One thought on “Writer Coaching

  1. “Don’t talk about your writing too much”: That’s a really good point. Just as it distracts too much from the act itself…
    Writing is easy. Everyone can do that. As it concerns the writing process itself. People get confused when it comes to what they mean about what it writing to them, the concept which is behind this act, the idea they have about their writing.
    This is what triggers easily when you talk about your writing to other people. And this way you get away from what you are writing.

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