Educate Your Soul

How are you at receiving, really taking in, the love and abundance around you? In the clamor of everyday life, can you feel the great joy that is your natural state?

Me, not so good.

I know in my head that I am loved and respected, but I often can’t feel it. Old experiences taught me that vulnerability is dangerous, and I am still recovering from the life-long habit of numbing myself out as protection from hurt. This is frustrating not only for me (leaving me deprived and lonely and set up for some type of binge), but for people who appreciate me. It’s not nice for them when I deflect their compliments and affection.

Today while I was cycling in the park a simple new little practice popped into my head:

Start where I am! I adore music, dance and other movement, and nature. Why not load up on these fun, nurturing things and sink way down into them as they are happening. Deepening my experience with these safe, joyful activities, I know from brain science, educates body and mind for ever-deepening enjoyment of the bigger, deeper, eternal joys of life.

This involves putting fun stuff on my calendar, and letting them happen spontaneously, then slowing down enough while doing them to feel the delight in my throat, chest and solar plexus. The sweet, cool, relaxed sensation that comes, that’s love. That’s contentment. That’s serenity. Unshakeable. The real deal. Infinite, eternal, sustaining, curative, centering, powerful.

Thus educated, my system is all the more ready to build resilience, and  better serve, through receiving the higher order forms of love, including genuine success and the appreciation of those who really, truly do wish me well.

How about that?

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